The Muslim Koran, is full of the stories of the Torah and Judeo-Christian bible this includes the fictional character Jesus. Mohammed was a Jewish character and first stated to be the Messiah of the Jews. This all creates the sympathetic connection into the enemy thought form of the Jews. The mystical systems of Islam are all designed to connect into specific passages of the Koran. This also involves the Arabic letters many which are Hebrew letters as well. Each letter or series of letters connects to a passage, Jewish character and such in the Koran. This includes the 99 names of Allah which are within the Koran and Hadith, that Muslim's pray on their rosaries which have the 99 beads for each name and forming the underlying basis of Islamic mystical practices. Each Muslim must make the trip to Mecca at least once in their life time. In which they must visit the Kaba, the cube and walk around it counter-clockwise seven times while offering prayer. This ritual also includes the ritual slaughter of animals, and the stoning of the Devil when they throw rocks at three pillar's denoting the Devil. The Kaba is stated to have been built by the Jewish prophet Abraham thus creating a further tie into the enemy thought form with the cube. This ritual is designed to raise negative energy from ritual murders of animals and the prayers into the enemy thought form that connect with all this, while attempting to curse and bind our Gods. The three pillar's are due to the number three being of materialization of energy.

The cube is the shape of the element of earth in sacred geometry all Muslim's perform stolen yogic postures on their prayer mat, five times a day on the solar power points and then direct this energy towards Mecca to the cube. The reason for this is the cube materializes energy from the astral which the mental aspect is connected to and exists within. And brings this energy into the material world from the astral. The Jews wear the Tefillin box which is designed to look like the cube at Mecca as Rabbi's state and they tie the straps for this seven times on their arm in the same direction the Muslim's circle the cube. This creates a sympathetic tie into this Muslim ritual and connects the energies in the astral to bring them into the material world. The black cube of the Jewish Tefillin relates to the Shema prayer which is a formula to materialize the enemy thought form.

The Hindu temple in the east is built around the cube as the center. Of which they built the Meru or cone shaped tower over. To act as a pyramid structure to create a cone of energy from the astral with this geometric shape into which the cube in the center the energy materializes. All the Hindu rituals are done within this cube by the priests and facing towards the cube by the other participants. This materializes the energy of the rituals into the world. People who visit these ancient Hindu temples mention you can place your hand on the walls and feel the stones vibrating with energy. This is because they are infused with the energy from the astral of the geometric shape that forms the center of the temple and the collective psychic power of centuries of the rituals within them.

The Mosques traditionally are the central dome which is a cone of power, a pyramid shape this is to bring in astral energy and infuse this into the power of the rituals being performed five times a day within them. The towers on the corners act as obelisks which transmit energy out of the earth and direct them from the energies of the four directions into the dome and charge the ritual further. This energy is together directed towards the cube at Mecca.
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