The Stolen Six Pointed Star

The six pointed star is stolen from the east. Its the yantra of the God Murugan in Southern India and also called the star of Visnu. The six pointed star yantra of Murugan is placed in His temple yearly. Its inscribed on the metal of gold. Because the metals represent the chakra's in ancient tradition and gold is the sun. The six pointed star is shown on the solar chakra in the east in many places and the solar chakra is ruled by gold. The six pointed star also adds up to 666 the number of the sun square. And 666 adds to 18 which is the number of life and the transformation of the soul in the east.

The downward triangle represents water and the upward triangle is fire. The sun is the center with the other planets around the points. In Hinduism the water is ruled by the moon which is called the semen of Shiva. And is represented by the linga of Shiva. The linga is the pineal gland and the moon center is the sixth chakra which the pineal is the third eye. And where its stated the seed of Shiva is kept. The name Shiva is also a mantra for the third eye in Hinduism. The linga is in the shape of the pineal gland and the AUM mantra is placed on the Shiva linga for this reason. AUM is the mantra to activate this energy center.

The Goddess Kali who is the wife of Shiva. Kali's yantra is gold and given to the number 36 which is away to get to 666 and gold is the sun as well as the solar numbers. The Goddess in the Hindu texts is the solar chakra. The goal is to bring down the water or seed of Shiva to the navel chakra to activate it. This is the symbolism of the six pointed star being the sexual alchemical union of the God and Goddess in the east. The seed of Shiva enters into the navel chakra and charges it to create the new soul. Identical to how the semen enters into the womb to charge the female seed to create new life. The solar chakra is connected to all the chakra's and empowering this sends a wave of fire thought all 13 major chakra's and the nadis. In Yoga activation of this chakra is the major key to the process of transforming the elements.

The Jews stole this symbol. Note they call it the Seal of Solomon. The wife of Solomon in all the tales is the Queen of Sheba. The B is a double letter with the V in Hebrew. They are hiding that Sheba is Sheva....Shiva. The moon chakra the downward part of the six pointed star.

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