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The Kabbalah is the pinnacle of the jewish faith, it's innermost knowledge which is the foundation of all Judaism. As with all jewish "culture", there is nothing original in it. It is not only filled with stolen concepts and perversions of spiritual truths, but also, it is created in a way to help the jews further their objectives against this world by the use of occult means.

Jews are a race, and not simply a 'religion' as it's foolishly claimed. "You can draw a picture of a Jew, but you can't draw a picture of a Catholic or a Protestant." - Going one step further into the depths of jewish knowledge and thought, one also finds other truths, such as that the jews are not only non-human, but that they are the offspring of an alien race. These are not the beliefs of their 'accusers' either- these beliefs come directly from the words and innermost beliefs of the jews. The jews are an alien race of people, as thus their alien and worldwide hateful behavior, and they have a plan to dominate this world and enslave it's inhabitants. While these truths may be too resounding to some 'normal' people, these are the internal beliefs of Judaism, and this website, not only exposes the "Kabbalah", but will also expose this very reality.

Contrary to the beliefs of many people, the jews use occult methods that they have stolen from prior Pagan civilizations and appropriated, later on calling it 'jewish culture'. These spiritual powers not only exist, but they help shape the fabric of this world. For this reason, those of us who fight them mentally and spiritually, did create this website for people to get enlightened and understand the importance of understanding where this centuries-old jewish plot is going.

The jews can be brought to justice by the being whom they call "The Accuser" "The Enemy", which are the Hebrew translations and meanings of the word "Satan". While Satan means negative things to jews, it means nothing but positive things in the ancient language of Sanskrit, predating jews by thousands of years.

Jewish Kabbalah is the root of all jewish lies and machinations not only against Humanity but against the creator of Humanity, Satan Himself. The Kabbalah is actually the core of the spiritual warfare of the jews against their old nemesis, Satan, and the Pagan Gods.

We proudly expose the genocidal secrets of the jewish Kabbalah, in accordance to Satan's words: "ISRAEL WILL GET WHAT SHE DESERVES", on the topic of the destruction of Israel and the so called "Jewish people".

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666