"Exposed: Secrets Of the Kabbalah

The Jewish Rabbi's in their own ancient occult teachings state numerous times their "god" is three things that are connected into one this "one" is called Metatron all their texts go on endlessly about Metatron, YHVH is another name that expresses the meaning of Metatron. To understand the secrets of the Jewish occult one must understand what the Jews are and what their collective "god" is.

The Metatron is three things a trinity, at the top its the Seraphim which the Rabbi's state are a hive mind of literal Reptilian Extra Terrestrials, the race of Israel the Jewish race soul and the Torah. The Rabbinical texts state that the race of the Jews have a "higher group soul" which is shared with the Heavenly Metatron which is the beings they call their literal masters the Seraphim the Reptilians. This is because as the Jews stated their race didn't come from this world it came from "out there beyond this world". The Jewish texts their "god" didn't create this physical planet. The Rabbi's show the name Elohim in Jewish Gematria adds to a term in Hebrew that means "nature" that nature the universe, natural law created the physical planet. The Jews in their texts state their race is from the blood of YHVH which as their racial Cohen gene shows contains Reptilian DNA. They are a hybrid race and are the incarnation of the Reptilian, gene soul group in this world. That is the key to their whole occult system. Its the manifestation and extension of their racial alien soul group. The Heavenly Metatron is the Reptilians the Lesser Metatron the Torah energy and the Earthly Metatron the Jews.

The major Jewish occult teachings are in all reality in two categories.

The creation by the word.

The Jewish texts state that Moses was their Messiah because he astrally opened the part of his soul that allowed him to openly see and communicate directly with the heavenly Metatron the hive mind collective of Reptilian aliens that then gave him the Torah. However the Torah they directed to him was the 22 letters and how to use them in the occult sense then after this they showed him how to arrange the letters in the physical Torah. The Jews call this the Oral Torah because god is the word to speak to vibrate the 22 letters and the Rabbi's state the secret Torah written with the hidden letters of black fire is the literal energy the field of energy that is created by reading the Torah in Hebrew on the occult power dates. The Torah is the extension of the Jewish racial soul and this energy field connects into their Reptilian masters collective soul and hive mind they share with them as well it infuses such with energy. The black fire the Rabbi's talk about is the meaning of the term Torah which means "The Wheel of darkness" that is why the Rabbi's state the real Torah is the field of energy the reading of it creates in the astral and that they work to manifest into the world. The other meaning of the Oral Torah is the occult teachings of how to use this Witchcraft passed down from Rabbi's. The Jewish occult texts state the world or Torah was energy before it became physical.

The Book of Job is a warning to the Jews. In the Talmud it states Israel the Jewish race is not subject to the negative influences of the stars or karma because they have the Torah which protects their race. Job didn't engage in the ritual dates and Torah readings or practices of how to infuse this energy field with power so it dissipated and he suffered the negative fate that awaits the Jews if this happens. Many times in the Torah the Jews are warned if this energy field dissipates they will be destroyed by their enemies. They are punished with destruction numerous times because they didn't worship and thus obey "god" properly or enough. This is referring to feeding the energy field of the lesser Metatron the Torah. That protects and infuses their soul along with allows them to conqueror and enslave the Gentile nations.

Chariot of Ascent.

All other Jewish occult teachings are based on using the "Names of god" chanting the names of Metatron which are called the 22 seals of Metatron which are the 22 letters given to Moses by the Heavenly Metatron which is the Reptilian Seraphim. This also includes numerous other names of the lesser Metatron which are different arrangements of the 22 letters for what they are designed to manifest. Its simply a specific bank account number to the specific branch of the energy bank of the lesser Metatron the Torah field of energy.

The other level of occult teachings of the Rabbi's is how they use these 22 letters with specific practices to "ascend the chariot of god" the Merkava teachings. The symbol of these teachings is the Jewish prophets like Enoch who becomes part of the Heavenly Metatron this is important to note, not THE singular Metatron but part of the Metatron. What the allegories and methods they embody come down to in simple terms is Enoch fully became a "Living Torah" a total "channel" which is he dissolved his individuality and merged his consciousness totally into the collective consciousness of the hive mind of the alien soul group and how the psychic field of the Torah flows thought all this. He was totally assimilated into the "One" borg style. The goal of the occult practices of the Jews are to simply become part of this hive mind totally and become an open window for the energy field of the Torah to manifest thought nothing else a borg drone in a Hassidic hat. All their meditative practices are how to access this racial hive mind and the energy its infused with by the Torah. The Rabbi's state the ancient Jews had Prophetic schools in which select Jews where taught how to open their psychic aspects of their soul to communicate with and merge into the Metatron. The Jews are program the hardware for the psychic software of the Torah to act thought.

The black box the Jews wear is part of this its connected to the Shema prayer they pray when they wear this. In Kabbalah the word Shema is a code for "Shaddai" and "YHVH" which means the Shaddai [power] of YHVH. The word YHVH is a code its from the term Hoveh in Hebrew which is the letters Heh Vav Heh, which means the racial collective conscious of the Jews and the Yud placed in front of it is the active integration and manifestation of this collective alien consciousness which the Jews are part of as an alien program and how they are connecting into this field of energy and manifesting it into the world. This is why YHVH is a name of Metatron. Its what the Metatron is. The racial hive consciousness of the Reptilians and the Reptilian Jews and their Torah program which is built on the template of their collective alien soul.

The goal of ascension to the Jewish occult system is to become "one" with the hive mind of their Reptilian "gods". The goal of the Jewish race is as their Baal Shem Tov stated when every Jew achieves this state they will have the age of their Messiah which is when they state the "Earthly Metatron" the Jewish race will come to be the age of the Messiah in which all of humanity will be assimilated into the "One" as one Rabbi literally stated "like the Borg". A total slave race ruled by Reptilians and ruled by their hive collective the Jews on earth.

The one thing all the Rabbinical masters and texts state is the 22 letters are the SOLE KEY to everything. The Final RTR thus is the KEY TO EVERYTHING. Reversing the 22 letters is ending the Metatron.

Important Teachings In General.

Something to be aware of is the Rabbi's state the purpose of the Diaspora was to disperse the Jews across the earth "to gather the sparks of Metatron" what they state is they have gone across the world and infiltrated ancient cultures and corrupted their spiritual practices and taken over their societies from within to create a synthesis that moves things closer to planetary control by their race. They mention this is done in phases and not all of the original phases are outright Judaism the first phases where cloaked.

The Torah states the Metatron has cursed Gentiles to mortality and death and the cycle of reincarnation and the biggest curse on the Gentiles in the Torah is openly stated to be..... spiritual death when the soul is too weak to reincarnate any further and that's it. The Egyptian and ancient Hindu texts warned about this fate if the soul is not empowered with the light of the spiritual practices the Gods gave humanity.

The spiritual teaching the Jews removed show this curse. The Egyptian ancient codex mention "The Book Of Breath" authored by the Pagan God Thoth. The book in the codex was stated to be the teachings of Immortality by Thoth. How a human can become immortal by following the spiritual practices of within....LITERALLY. This book was destroyed by the Jewish enemy when they destroyed the Library Of Alexandria. This is the knowledge the Jews have destroyed and removed from us around the world.

The early phases of the Jewish infiltration.

If one studies the dynamics of this one can note this with current Hinduism the teachings of which come from Buddhism which Theosophy is only found in the Jewish occult teachings originally. The Jews in Alexandria that created Christianity where historically mentioned to be organized and working out of the Eastern Empire of Asoka who imposed this alien Buddhism by murder and propaganda on the populace of India. This included the banning of all spiritual practices of the Light Body teachings along with the massive destruction of Temples and libraries full of spiritual and historical knowledge given to us by our Gods and attempting to put a new "one" god Buddha in there place.. And the organized mass murder of Hindu's by this regime.

This is also witnessed in ancient Egypt with Akhenaten who did the exact same to the Egyptians. He ordered the Egyptian Temples destroyed the spiritual teachings banned the images of the Gods destroyed and he even ordered ritual blood sacrifices of animals to this new "god" of his who can't by law by shown in any "graven images" in the Temples of the Egyptians Gods as part of the destruction and desecration of the Temples. That is the "god" of the Jews the blood sacrifices and the forbidding on any graven images depicting it. The "god' of Akhenaten was called Adon which is the name the Jews call their "god" anciently Adonai. The Jewish histories from the ancient world openly state Moses was a Priest of the Akhenaten cult and some Jews have stated Moses was Akhenaten. The Jews tried to take over Egypt under Akhenaten and impose the ancient phase of their program of control on the Egyptians. But the Egyptians rose up with the help of the Gods and the Egyptians spiritual masters and drove the Jews out in a major and long bloody war of liberation that lasted near 13 years.

I also wrote before the Jews were in the America's and took the Mayan Empire over and forced a new religion on the populace, the Mayan's wrote about this. Today certain Mayan descended tribes are all Jewish in culture and custom they worship a being called "Yahweh" celebrate Hebrew religious customs and have Hebrew words in their language and in their burial mounds artifacts written in ancient Hebrew with the Ten Commandments wrote on them are found along other artifacts with ancient Hebrew inscriptions in general. The Jews in their own secret histories state they were in the America's. There are images of Mayan priests wearing the Jewish black box on their head and arm with the straps tried the same way the Rabbi's do. The Mayan's wrote it was this collective of new "gods" called literally "Yahweh" that instituted the ritual human murders as they feed off the energy of humans. The writings on the how the sacrifices are to be done are only found in the Jewish Torah elsewhere. The Mayan's left us the images of this Hebrew new Gods the collective hive called "Yahweh" that have been unearthed today by archeology. There has been a conspiracy to cover up the Mayan situation.

Just as the high ranking Rabbi's have stated their Yahweh is a collection of Reptilians. However as noted in the open among the Mayan's the Jews took their civilization over openly working hand in hand with their Reptilian "gods" they share a hive mind and racial soul with here are the images of the "Yahweh" the Mayans left:

This would replay itself out with later on this planet with Christianity, Islam and Communism all Jewish programs to bring the Metatron age into being. Christianity and Islam have billions of Gentiles directly channelling their energies and connecting their souls into the Metatron and infusing it with massive energy to infuse the Jewish collective soul and Torah program with massive amounts of power to feed this program and allow it to manifest thought them and the billions of Christians and Muslims as a collective Goyim Golem. The Rabbi's call Jesus.....METATRON in their own occult writings.

We need to understand the Egyptians whom the Jews curse over and over in their Torah where able to defeat the Jews so totality in their time and drive the Jews out even chasing them down to the Levant and destroying their bases there in the ancient world. Because the Egyptians had the teachings of the Gods the Dhejedhi [serpent] teachings of ascension. Dhi means wisdom in the sense of the expanded super consciousness state and the Jedhi the active spiritual powers or Sidhi's that come with this. Note Siddhi is the ancient Sanskrit name of an ascended Gentile being. Si or Shee is the name of the serpent energy and the Dhi the consciousness of the risen serpent.

The Egyptians destroyed all religious bases, letters and practices and even the mention of Akhenaton and his "god" from history as part of larger rituals to dissipate the energy field the enemy created to conqueror the planet with. The Egyptians defeated the Jews on the spiritual plane. This is why out of all the ancient Gentiles the Jews have the most hate for the Egyptians the 10 curses of their "god" on Egypt is the 10 combinations of their 22 letters they use to curse all spiritual Gentiles with.

The Noble Egyptians are the example of how to defeat the Jews.

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