Kabbalah's Cube Part 2

Exposing The Cube Form Of The Enemy

The cube structure is originally in Hinduism its the center of the ancient Hindu Temple.

"The garbha Griha is a cube shaped room, without decoration...Only a qualified priest may enter this magical place to worship the image with flowers, water, lights , incense and offerings symbolizing the five elements. A narrow passage runs around the sanctuary, to be walked along clockwise.." [1]

The entire Hindu Temple is built on either the Mercury square or Moon square mathematics' to invoke these etheric qualities. The sacred mount is the rest of the Temple built around and over the cube at the center. This is sacred geometry the outer mount is built to generate energy and draw it down into the center to the cube as the cube is built in the shape of the earth element which contains the energies of space that of spirit and thus all the elements. The Priests secret rituals in this encloser are designed to connect into this energy and infuse it with the purpose of the rituals and this energy is then transmitted thought the energetic grids which is why ancient Temples are built on lay lines. The infused energies also connect with the energy and soul of the worshippers in the Temple which adds to the power which the structure of the Temple magnifies.

The cube shape the prithivi mandala represents earth in Hinduism as the heavens around the earth are squared by the four fixed points of the zodiac which represent the four elements and directions. And make the cross of the Zodiac which is the cube unfolded. The outer temple is designed to represent the entire wheel of the 12 constellations of the Zodiac and their degrees. The cube of Mecca was originally surrounded by a circle of 360 Pagan statues which represent the 360 degrees of the Zodiac wheel with the cube being the central cross of the Zodiac and the sacred rites being performed inside the cube temple as it was a Pagan building originally.

The other aspect is the cube of the Hindu Temple is designed to tie into the energies of the planets by the grid its built on and the images of the yantra's of the planets are placed within the cube sanctuary. And to tie into the energy of the constellations and earth. And the energy of the elements. The cube is the grounding and channel point for this power in the energetic forms and rituals. The cube is also the center point for the worshippers in the Hindu Temple who direct their energies into this space which further infuse the power the cube is channeling.

The cube of kabala is shown the same way tying into the 12 constellations and planets and elements.

The Hindu Temple is built on the plan of the Purusha the cosmic man which is shown as the Zodiac wheel this is stolen by the Jews and turned into the Adam Kadmon later. The plan of the Hindu Temple is witnessed in the Pyramid at Giza the sacred mount with the cube shaped enclosures within as the cavern where the sacred rituals were performed and are built to a line to the constellations and are built on a major power point on the etheric grid of earth. The reason the Islamic worshippers pray five times a day facing Mecca is to direct their energies into the cube of Mecca and further infuse the energy of the enemy thought from the cube has been installed with by the enemy after its conversion into a enemy place to draw down their "god" form and radiate it outwards across the etheric grid of the earth. Drowning the world in horrific evil and negativity. The energy of this matrix of energy is infused with the death energy of countless ritual murders of humans and animals.

The Jews place the black box on their heads the Tefillin as they state in Kabala as it acts as the antenna to draw down the energy of their thought form "god". They place one on their arm as the left side is magnetic and shown as the Goddess Shakti in Hinduism, thus creating more flow of power. The Jews then doven which is rocking back and forth and side to side to open up a energy flow up the spine the box on the head also opens this flow and opens the crown and sixth chakra's. The six chakra is the command wheel of the mind. This all connects and makes the energy and the mental intention of the energy stronger and sends it out thought the etheric grid around the earth. Which is why the Jews want Israel and especially the Temple Mount so badly for themselves. That is the point of the earth at Jerusalem around the mount were the etheric grid of the earth is the strongest. That is why the Jews claim they are copulating with Shekinah the energy of their god form to create magically during the Tefillin ritual. This is also why the Jews are obsessed with wearing the Tefillin for protection as an amulet it connects them into their energy force and enhances their energetic body strongly. The Tefillin ritual turns the Jew into a cube like the Priest in the Hindu cube sanctuary doing the sacred rituals to infuse and direct the energies being drawn down and channelled thought the etheric grid and the souls of the religious followers tied into the energies.

Hindu's are infused with the energy form generated by this religion as children during initiation rituals were the samkara the ritual energy mark is imprinted into their souls. They are also given spiritual Hindu names that tie into this as well. The Jews go thought identical initiations during their childhoods connecting their souls into their own god form more stronger this also includes being given a Hebrew name which connects into a specific verse of the Torah which is the energy generator of their god form. The five books are the five elements which fold into the cube. However the Jewish god form is installed based on the etheric grid of Saturn which is why they raise the energies on Saturday the day the influence of the planet Saturn is the strongest and connects into the conduit of this the most powerful because of such.

The Jewish god form is also as the Rabbi's state installed based upon the etheric grid of the racial soul of the Jewish people. The Jews and their God are one....is the basic and most important statement of faith and prayer in Judaism. Because as the Rabbi's state the Jews are the manifestation of their god in the material world. Because their god form is installed and generated on the etheric blueprint of their own racial soul.

Note Christians are tied into this god form of the Jews. During the Christian ritual of Christening, baptism where water that has been energetically infused by the Christian Priest to connect into this matrix is then placed over the third eye which is the energy point that rules the mind of the child in the shape of the cross which is the cube of Saturn making the geometric form of the blue print of this matrix to tie the soul into this. Along with placing a mark along the heart chakra which ties the power into this energetic point to drain power out of the soul into the god form as the point the energies meet going up and down the chakra's. As well as touch the ears and mouth while reciting incantations invoking making people deaf and dumb thus cut off from higher awareness the mouth and ears connect into important nadis, energy pathways in the consciousness. This is all done while series of incantations tying people into the Jewish spell of the Torah their god form are recited. Thus infusing the samkara's or energetic imprints into the soul of the Gentile and making them a conduit for the enemy matrix of energy to connect into and act though and suck energy from.

Making the Gentile a slave and Golem to the Jewish god form. Just farming the Goyim for Zion.



The Hindu Temple, Danielou

By High Priest Mageson666